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Data is valuable, and this cannot be disputed. The one thing that makes this fact obvious is that companies continue to pay and buy it, the presence of data brokers making a killing out of it, and cybercriminals who will do anything to get their hands on it. Usphonebook is a free phone number search engine and is one of many data brokers with access to your personal information.


Customers of can perform a reverse phone lookup and quickly gain access to your cell phone and home phone numbers. 

usphonebook opt out

Having your personal information online is likely to happen. It could be through your efforts to create an individual or business profile or even communicate directly with data brokers to have your information gathered and made available for people looking for it. 


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USphonebook is among the many data brokers where you are likely to find your personal information. While these platforms have made data accessible and increased visibility for people, they also expose your information to cybercriminals.


This is one of the reasons you should consider removing your information from data brokers. In this article, we will provide the steps to complete the USphonebook opt-out process and help you protect your online privacy.


Information found on USphonebook

This online directory has information ranging from: 

  • Names 
  • Cell phone numbers 
  • Landline numbers 
  • Age 
  • Location
  • Residential numbers
  • Relatives, etc. 


To get access to this data, the users are asked to enter a reverse phone number lookup and locate the person they are searching for.


How does USphonebook get your information?

People search sites such as USphonebook to get their information mostly through readily available public records such as birth certificates, death certificates, aliases, business records, and so on. Note that most of these public records are open to anyone. However, they are not published online. What data brokers do is issue a request that they can publish the information online.


Their intentions are usually to make it convenient for people to access information vital for business marketing and even people to find loved ones. However, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the availability of this online information to commit malice, such as identity theft, fraud, and so on.


If you don’t enjoy the feeling of people knowing where you live, how to find your phone number free,  or are worried someone will attempt to damage your online reputation, you should consider a USphonebook opt-out.


The General opt-out process from people search sites such as USphonebook includes calling customer support and requesting the removal of your information, requesting removal via email, or even filling a removal request on the website.


How to opt-out of

Before getting started with the removal process, it is vital to note a few things about removing your information from this platform. Contrary to what most people think, it is not a one-off thing. If you successfully remove your information today, it is not guaranteed that you are done for good. Remember that these platforms update their information from time to time in order to give the users relevant data. While that is the case, do not be shocked if you ever find your information online again. Setting up reputation monitoring will consistently keep your information out of public view.


Also, always do a follow-up after requesting removal to confirm that the submission of your request was successful. Here are the steps you need to follow to remove your information from USphonebook.


1. Visit the USphonebook opt-out page 


On the page, scroll down to the bottom of this page. You will see “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.” Click on that option; then, you will be led to the opt-out page.


2. Start filling out the removal request form

usphonebook opt out not working

On the opt-out page, you will be presented with a search bar designed to assist you with the removal process. On the search bar, enter the ten digits that make your phone number and click enter to get the listing. Alternatively, you can enter your full name, your city, and your state. You will get results by using either of the information.

how to remove info from us phone book

3. Click on your information


While phone numbers cannot be the same, your full name might be similar to that of someone else.

remove number from us phone book

If you get multiple search results, scroll through them to locate your information. Click to open once you have confirmed that the details are yours, click on the “This Is Me” button at the bottom of the information.


4. Remove your information

After clicking the “This Is Me” button, you will be led to “Set Your Privacy Preferences.” You will see several buttons, but you should select “Remove My Record.” Before doing this, make sure that the profile you have is yours. Making an error at this point will mean that it will take you longer to get your information from the online directory.

how does usphonebook have my information

This will prompt another page with “Confirm” and “Opt-Out” buttons. You will also see terms and conditions. Like in most platforms, you need to read them to understand the process, then check the box before you are allowed to proceed. Note that you will not be able to confirm and opt out without checking the box.


To ensure that it is not a scam activity, the page will ask you to confirm that you are not a robot, and all you need to do to confirm this is click on the box.


Once you are done, you will be directed to a different page to show you that your request was successful. If this does not happen, go through the page again and ensure that all the boxes are checked, and everything is in line.


Removing your personal information from platforms like USphonebook comes with many benefits. You will get some breathing space from telemarketers, reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of cybercrime, and generally regain your privacy. Opting out of USphonebook is an effortless process, and all you need is the guide above. Remember to check from time to time if your data is online, even after removal. If you have challenges applying manually, contact USphonebook support.

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