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How to Opt-Out of

Protect your personal information on the internet. Remove your public profile from the top people search sites.

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Maintaining control over our personal information is crucial to safeguarding our privacy in today's digital age., a data broker that compiles and displays personal data online, is one such platform that raises concerns. If you want to remove your information from, follow these simple steps and regain control over your online presence.

What is

Corporation Wiki is a data broker gathering personal information for online publication. To have your data removed from Corporation Wiki, you need to complete an opt-out form and confirm your email. Your information will be taken down within a few weeks after completing this process.

CorporationWiki Opt Out Steps

Step 1: Visit the Corporation Wiki Website

Begin by navigating to the homepage of You can access the website by typing the URL: into your browser's address bar and hitting Enter.

Corporation Wiki opt out step 1

Step 2: Search for Yourself

Once you're on the homepage, you'll find a search bar. Type your first and last name into the search bar and click the search icon. This action will retrieve a list of individuals with matching names.

Corporation Wiki opt out step 2

Step 3: Identify Your Profile

Among the search results, look for your profile. Click on it to access your complete profile page.


Step 4: Copy Your Profile URL

Once your profile page is open, copy the URL from your browser's address bar. This URL will serve as a reference for the opt-out process.

Corporation Wiki opt out step 3

Step 5: Initiate the Opt-Out Process

Return to the homepage of and scroll down. In the footer section, you'll find an option labelled "Opt-Out." Alternatively, you can access the opt-out page using this URL:

Corporation Wiki opt out step 4

Step 6: Fill Out the Opt-Out Form

On the opt-out page, you'll be prompted to complete a form. Paste the URL of your profile that you copied earlier into the provided field. Enter your email address and full name in the respective fields. Once you've completed the form, click the blue button labelled "I agree to the terms. Submit request"

Corporation Wiki opt out step 5

Step 7: Verify Your Email

After submitting the opt-out request, you'll receive a confirmation message. However, to finalise the process, you must verify your email address. Check your inbox for an email from and follow the instructions to complete the verification.

Corporation Wiki opt out step 6

Step 8: Congratulations!

Upon successful verification, your opt-out request will be processed. Your information will be removed from at the earliest opportunity.


Frequently Asked Questions About Protecting Your Privacy from


1. Why should I be worried about my data being on

Having your personal information on can expose you to risks such as identity theft, spam, unsolicited marketing, and even potential threats to your safety. Malicious individuals can misuse this information for various fraudulent activities.

2. Can I remove my information from myself?

Yes, you can take steps to remove your information from Following the outlined opt-out procedure on their website can help initiate the removal process. However, remember that your data might still be present on other data broker websites, which requires comprehensive action for complete privacy protection.


In a world where our digital footprints have grown substantially, protecting our personal information is paramount., as a data broker, emphasizes the need for individuals to take control of their online presence. By following the outlined steps, you can successfully opt out of and minimize the exposure of your data. However, the digital landscape is vast, and to ensure comprehensive privacy, partnering with services like can offer continuous monitoring and support in removing your data from a wide range of data brokers. Safeguarding your privacy is not just an option – it's necessary in today's interconnected world.

Secure My Online Privacy Now!

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