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PeopleFinders Opt-Out and Removal Process

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In today's digital age, personal information is readily available online, often through data broker websites like If you find your information listed on PeopleFinders and want to protect your privacy, opting out is crucial. This article will guide you through opting out of PeopleFinders, ensuring your personal information is removed from their database.

Understanding PeopleFinders: is a data broker website that aggregates and displays the personal information of individuals. This information may include names, addresses, phone numbers, and more. While PeopleFinders claims to provide public records information, many individuals are concerned about their privacy and prefer to keep their details off such platforms.

Opting Out of PeopleFinders:

To opt out of PeopleFinders and have your information removed from their database, follow these steps:

  1. Start by navigating the PeopleFinders website and entering your name, state, and city into the search bar. Click on "search" to perform a search based on this information.
  2. Once the search results appear, locate the matching profiles corresponding to your provided information.
  3. To initiate the opt-out process, click "View detail" to access the specific data page associated with your information.PeopleFinders Removal Step 1
  4. Now, open the PeopleFinders opt-out page in a new tab and paste the URL of the data page you want to be removed. Provide your email address and complete the captcha verification to confirm you are not a robot. Then, click on "Send request."PeopleFinders Removal Step 2
  5. You will receive an email from PeopleFinders containing a confirmation link for opting out. Click on the link to proceed.PeopleFinders Removal Step 3
  6. The link will direct you to a page confirming your opt-out request. PeopleFinders typically takes around 48 hours to process the removal of your information from their database.PeopleFinders Removal Step 4

The Scope of Information Availability

If your information appears on, it will likely be available on other data broker websites. Data brokers collect information from various sources, including public records, online directories, and social media platforms, creating comprehensive profiles of individuals. Opting out of PeopleFinders is a proactive step, but addressing your information on other platforms may also be necessary.

Protecting Your Personal Information Online

To safeguard your personal information and prevent it from appearing on platforms like PeopleFinders and search engines like Google, seeking professional assistance is recommended. Companies like NewReputation specialize in online privacy and reputation management. They can help remove personal information from the internet and implement measures to protect your data from the public eye. With expertise in removing information from over 180 sources across the web, NewReputation ensures that your privacy is protected.


In an era of widespread online data availability, taking control of your personal information is crucial. Opting out of data broker websites like PeopleFinders is essential in protecting your privacy. Following the outlined process, you can remove your information from PeopleFinders' database. Additionally, seeking professional assistance from companies like NewReputation can further safeguard your data, ensuring that it remains secure and out of the public domain.

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