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CocoFinder is a public records directory that published records of millions of people across the nation. You can easily search for information about an individual by name (first name, middle name, last name, city), address, email address, and phone number.


If you have found your information is located on CocoFinder, there is a relatively straightforward process to opt out of their database and remove your information from their website. 


How to Remove Information from CocoFinder


1. Visit and perform a name search.

CocoFinder opt out
2. Locate your information on CocoFinder and copy the URL 

3. Visit the CocoFinder opt-out page and complete the form

4. Fill out the form exactly how your information appears on their website and paste the URL of your profile. 

CocoFinder opt out form

Your profile should be removed from the website in 24-48 hrs. You can also send an email with your name, address, profile link, and reason for removal to


Frequently Asked Questions


How did CocoFinder get my information?


CocoFinder integrates with several public record databases on the federal, state, municipal, and county levels.


What Information can be found on CocoFinder?


CocoFinder has several popular search options that you can use to locate someone. 



How to contact CocoFinder support?



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