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Looking to get a better understanding of what customers have to say about NewReputation? Read our reviews to see how they rate the company's products and services and find out if it's the right solution for your needs.

I normally do not write reviews about companies, but when you find one  that deserves recognition you have to give them a shout out.
New Reputation is the best company EVER! I am using them for privacy removal. It is shocking to realize how much of our personal business is on the internet, and I do not want mine to be accessible to the world. I used eight different privacy removal companies before I found New Reputation. Kevin and his associates are amazing. I have a very common name and the other companies did not remove my information as I requested. Kevin was able to do the job that I wanted. He went through all my name variations and addresses. He found information that was correct and also incorrect about me. He was able to remove me from search sites and data brokers that give out your personal information. He was able to drastically reduce telemarketing calls and junk emails that I used to receive. He has also educated me on how to keep your personal information off of the internet. His attention to detail is incredible. He is meticulous, thorough, and hard working. His customer service is wonderful. He takes the time to explain things in a way that is easy to understand. I have referred him to friends and family. He has already helped two close family members who are also pleased with his service. If I continue to write how truly impressed I am with Kevin and New Reputation, this review would be two pages long!.
NewReputation review

Jason S.
Philadelphia, PA

New Reputation turned a stressful situation into an excellent experience. The team at New Reputation performed an effective execution of the strategy to build a positive impression for me and my business when we are researched online. The personal website they developed for me is very well made and displays my career achievements exactly how I requested. The negative posts that were there when we started were removed or pushed very far back in the search. The new content that was posted is well written and their management of the search engine results continue to be very effective in developing my long term goals.


NewReputation reviewer

Richard Quinn

Human Resources Executive,

Albany, NY

New Reputation has gotten 3 negative articles removed about me online and built me an awesome website that shows up first when anyone searches my name online. Good results thus far.


is New Reputation a scam

Lashunda Bradbury

Chicago, Il.

They really took the time to educate me on how to build my reputation online. I really have to say that I’m very impressed with how thorough they have been with me so far.


New Reputation legit

Alberta Dawson
Las Vegas, NV.

This is not the first online Reputation Management company I’ve hired to help me improve my search results. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of money on other companies and got less then what I have gotten from NewReputation. This company is great and they treat me like a priority which I appreciate.


New Reputation testimonials

Cora Walton
Richmond, Virginia

Service has been great. I am always able to get in touch with my adviser when I have a question and they have been so helpful as I’m trying to learn as much as possible.


New Reputation reviews

Lisa Adams
Boulder, Co

They built me an online profile and it’s been online for about 90 days now and it’s the first thing that shows up when I search my name on google. I was skeptical at first but it really works.



Ruby Norris
Miami, Fl


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