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company reputation management

Company Reputation Management

Get found and chosen on Google. Everything you need to get found, connect, and build better relationships with your customers.

  • Get more reviews
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Control your reputation
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What is Business Reputation Management?

The process of managing your brand's reputation is about assessing how customers perceive you and taking appropriate action to improve it. Reputation management today is all about protecting and monitoring your brand's online reputation through reviews, social media, and Google.
Management of a business reputation is a continuous process that allows you to keep track of the public perception of your brand and to address any potentially negative situations as quickly as possible.
Positive reputations are a major driver of growth and revenue. Negative reputations can hurt sales and customer retention. However, it can also help you learn more about customers to improve your business processes.
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Take Control of Customer Sentiment

Receive monthly reporting on the overall sentiment of your company. We analyze your sentiment across multiple reviews and social platforms. Get a progress report of your positive, negative, and neutral mentions combined with an overall customer review score.

A poor online reputation for your business can cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales.

Our proactive corporate reputation management services allow you to engage your customers through online reviews, customer feedback surveys, and other social media content.

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Monitor online reviews on the platforms that matter most

Stay on top of what your customers think of your brand. Gain access to a centralized location to manage multiple review websites. Increase your review response time across every spectrum. Easily request to delete Google reviews when applicable.

  • 95% of customers read online reviews of a product or service before making a purchase.
  • 67% of people say a customer service interaction is bad because the person they were dealing with was unpleasant. Let our team provide professional review follow-up.

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monitor online reviews

Easily request new customer reviews

Increase the transparency of your business by increasing the number of reviews for your business. Direct customers to different review sites to build your online presence across multiple platforms. Establish trust with new customers who are in the research phase of the buying process.

  • 80% of customers search for your name or business on the web before taking your services or products.
  • 90% of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

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Local SEO Services

Improve online visibility on popular search directories. Reach new customers and get in front of a larger audience. Lock your local SEO strategy down across over 60 online directories and never lose another “near me” customer search.

  • 80% of local searches convert
  • 46% of Google searches are for local businesses
  • 56% of local retailers have not claimed their Google My Business listing
  • “Near me” searches have increased more than 500% in the past few years
  • More than 55% of consumers use voice search to find a local business
  • 50% of users visit a store within a day of a local search

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Corporate Reputation Management

We research everything there is to know about your industry. Creating valuable and engaging content to help your customers see your business as the solution. Allowing you to gain new customers and stand out against the competition. 

Business Service Features:

  • Managed Online Review Platforms
  • Listing/Directory Management
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
  • Notification of Web Mentions
  • Featured News Publications
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  • Executives understand the importance of their company's reputation. Positive reputations are more attractive to employees. They are perceived to offer more value which can often allow them to charge higher prices. They have more loyal customers and are more likely to purchase a wider range of services and products. They are more likely to be profitable and grow because the market is convinced that they will.

    • 92% of internet searchers will choose businesses located on page one of local search results.
    • 97% of people find out more about local businesses online than any other source.
    • 79% of online users trust online reviews more than personal recommendations from friends and family.
    • Inconsistent brand messaging is what frustrates consumers the most.


  • Management of your business reputation involves using a variety of strategies to influence the perceptions of your brand among consumers.

    Management of business reputation may include media relations, PR efforts, and press release distribution. It can also involve strong community management, local SEO (search engine optimization), reputation management, employee reputation management, and customer experience marketing as part of an organic process.

    • Always be prepared for a crisis
    • Focus on the customer
    • Listen to customer feedback
    • Participate in social responsibility 
    • Create a memorable brand
  • Companies must manage their corporate reputation by listening to those who support them: employees, customers, stakeholders, local communities, and shareholders.

    It is crucial that your team can listen to customers. Customer experience is improved by online reviews. Online reviews can be monitored, collected, and analyzed to understand what customers really think.

    Positive reviews can help build trust and credibility for your brand. Recent research has shown that reviews can be very powerful in building your company's online image.

    Data shows that 46% of consumers' purchase decisions were influenced by bad experiences two years ago.


  • Sentiment Analysis is the process of retrieving data about a customer's perception of a brand, product, or service.

    Sentiment analysis is a great way to find out what people think about your business. Social media sentiment analysis is a way to analyze the conversations that your customers have about the social network and place them in context.

    Consider sentiment analysis as a subset of social monitoring. Businesses should monitor mentions of their products and services, but sentiment analysis focuses on the positive, neutral, and negative emotions that surround them.

    Is your service meeting their needs? These questions can be answered by sentiment analysis.

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These services will help you create a corporate reputation management strategy that your team can use to launch numerous campaigns and initiatives that improve the company's image from both a customer and employee standpoint. This strategy will help you build a strong online reputation and increase your revenue. To learn more about how NewReputation can manage your corporate reputation online, contact us today for a consultation.

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