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Internet Reputation Management Process

Defending and protecting your internet reputation and profile is a strategy that requires patience, hard work, perseverance, extensive research, knowledge, technical skills and, thought leadership.


While the specifics of every situation are different, our online reputation management process is through building and optimizing your foundation, removing any negative content you control, establishing credibility & an audience, and targeting growth opportunities. 


The reason that we suggest that you follow this process (instead of just trying to remove negative content on Google), is because it addresses your internet reputation in the long term. We want to make sure that you use this as an opportunity to build a personal brand that wins you opportunities and actually makes you proud.


We begin by evaluating your current owned digital assets. If you are a corporate business or trying to increase your online presence, we can also help. Promoting yourself to the audience you are targeting can be accomplished without any owned assets. Learn more about this promoting yourself without any owned digital assets.   


Owned digital assets include:

  • Website
  • Media 
  • Social Accounts
  • Data
  • Brand

Optimizing your Website


How is your current website performing? We evaluate your website to determine any improvements needed to maximize user experience. Our in-house SEO experts will determine the industry keywords your website is most likely to rank highest for. Are you a local business or an online service? This will determine whether you want to drive traffic to your store location or send them directly to your website.  




Your owned media is your content. Content includes blogs, ebooks, pictures, videos, and information about your products or services. How is your content currently performing? When your audience is searching for answers involving you or your business, you want to provide them with valuable content that is going to resonate with your audience.


We start by researching all questions your audience may have about you or your service. We then optimize these questions with expert articles written by our in-house content creators to provide ultimate value to your audience. Building and optimizing content that you control is the best way to address negative search results. While ultimately the hope is that your content is so engaging and well-received that it suppresses negative results farther down in rankings, this process requires ongoing attention.


Your Social Accounts


Optimizing your social media accounts is essential to growing your brand and interacting with your customers. We want to ensure that your social profile gives your readers a clear indication of you or your business—a list of services or skills that you provide, and your company bio.


Your company bio is your chance to provide value to your audience. How you can help them solve a problem they are looking for answers for. For example, If your customer is looking for a company that provides Local SEO optimization. You can let your audience know your background in providing companies with Local SEO services and how they can learn more about your process. How your company got started and why they should take an interest in your company instead of a competitor.


If the Local SEO company spends the time simply telling their audience they are the best so buy now.. This does not translate into value for your audience. Why they should do business with you and how you can relate to solving their problem on a personal level is what we are going to accomplish. 




Your owned data includes any customer lists or contacts that you have accumulated since getting started. While these customers may be dormant and have never interacted with your company after leaving you their information, they have usually at one time shown interest in you or your business.


Your audience does not want to part with their personal contact information unless they perceive true value in return. That is what makes this list so valuable. These are still your potential customers and may need to be nurtured in order to rebuild trust or engagement that has been lost. 


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The second step in our internet reputation management process is the development of our strategy. In today’s day and age, it’s not about deleting your post from the internet, it’s about showcasing your attributes. This means that online reputation repair is less about cleanup and more about positive promotion. If removing a single negative article about you or your business is the goal, we guarantee your results.


However, that’s not really a success. “Zero negative search results” doesn’t take into account what people looking you up will consider to be favorable and trustworthy. A lack of negative search results ignores the need for positive search results. But consider this, 56% of US adults that googled a potential partner found something in an online search that solidified their decision to do business with that person.


This means that it’s not enough to hide negative results. You must have search results that accentuate your skills in order for your online reputation to help you. Additionally, by stating, “zero negative search results” as your definition of online repair, you may end up hiring an unqualified consultant who ultimately hurts your reputation in the long run. 


A professional website is something anybody hoping to run a business or sell a product will have to take on. With hundreds of choices available with the click of a button, customers are looking for a professional. Someone knowledgeable about their product can help them solve the original problem they are trying to fix.  


We build personal customer websites with valuable content that will attract, convert, and repeat. Content is what makes your website interesting, but it’s also the key to improving your search engine visibility. Google and other search engines scan websites and try to pull whatever relevant information they can to help index them. The more varied content you have on your website containing a specific keyword or search phrase, the better your rank.



Once we have your target keywords and phrases, we can then begin to create expert content around these topics. Consider this, your customer is in the market for a real estate agent. Your area of expertise is local and you don't work for a well know real estate agency. When your customer is researching this topic, she searches " how to get ready to sell your home " Your article, "10 simple ways to attract and delight home buyers" is selected as relevant content by Google. This article relates to their situation. It answers the questions your customer has about how to get started. At the bottom of the article, it links to your home page. The title of your home page, " Your Cities Favorite Realtor" is precisely what they are looking for.


Further inspection reveals your professional pictures, bio, and a free consultation to get started. Guiding your audience to a beautiful website, trusted professional, and valuable information that gives your customers insight into how you can help them through this process and solve their problems creates trust in your brand. Trust in your brand makes customers that will actively tell their friends about their great experience and boost your online reputation. 

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Case Study: How Does Google Rank Local Businesses?

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Our first priority in creating and promoting your content is identifying your buyer persona.  Who is your ideal target audience and why should they contact you? What can you offer them that your competitors can't?


Answering these questions provides the basis for our content generation. Tailoring your material based on your target audience's interest is crucial for creating useful and practical content for your business or service. For example, if you are a lawyer planning to win referrals from your colleagues, technical articles regarding the finer points of the law may be appropriate.


On the other hand, if attracting new clients is your goal, blog articles containing easy-to-consume legal advice for your usual client type are probably more fitting. Either way, once we target your intended audience we will create great content that will be engaging and add value to your intended audience.


By creating content that follows SEO best practices, we position you to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines. This is particularly important because creating content allows you to build an arsenal of positive content that can push down negative content about your brand.


If your business has negative reviews, your content marketing efforts can push these reviews down on the search results page, making them less accessible to potential customers.  The new, more relevant search results will display proudly giving your potential customer a more relevant insight into how you or your company conduct business.


Optimizing your content by following SEO best practices sets you up to rank in search results, however, it is not enough alone to ensure a spot in the top 5 search results. We can reach a wider audience by using tools like social media, link-building, tracking links your content earns, and contacting journalists interested in your industry. These are ways we promote your content and your brand’s reputation online. 


Once your content becomes visible and gains a loyal following, your business and employees will be considered thought leaders in your industry. When potential customers look up businesses that specialize in your services, they will see the content produced on related topics and will come to see you as an authoritative resource.


Professional Pictures and Videos


Photos, graphics, and videos can convey information in a more engaging way than pages of text, not to mention more quickly. Examples include a guide on how to use your product, information about how your solution can solve their challenges, customer testimonials, and details about promotions or discounts.


Professional photos on your website and social accounts convey to your audience the story behind your brand. Give the audience a personal look behind the scenes and become familiar with your company and employees—ultimately building more trust in your brand.

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In order to establish visibility online, we create valuable content in order to earn quality off-site signals that translate to industry authority and brand visibility from search engines. Content promotion is a must-have for brands looking to expose their content to new audiences online and ultimately earn the traffic and conversions that are the end goals of SEO.


Our content promotion strategy is all about getting your valuable content in front of the right eye at the right time via the right channel. How we accomplish this through a series of scheduled articles, blog posts, press releases,  link building, and our relationship with high-ranking domains. 


Business Directory Listing


Our promotion stage includes syncing your business or personal website to over 50 high-ranking website directories. This is included in our service or can be purchased individually. Your listing information, bio, and company profile will be listed correctly across all major search engines and can be updated for holiday hours, new company photos, or updated company profiles. 




Starting with your website, we research keywords associated with your product or service. By building content around these keywords, we can link the pillar page to the supporting topics giving your website an SEO boost. Titles, meta descriptions, image alt text, and keywords will all be optimized accordingly. 


As web traffic and conversions shoot through the roof, more consumers are being exposed to your content. The result is more social shares, more links, more traffic, more conversions, and ultimately higher rankings – leading to even more of these results.


Press Release


Press releases are a great step for reaching any audience. They attract attention from both traditional media and Google or Yahoo News and create quality backlinks to your website. Your audience can become loyal customers after understanding the story behind the business. This is our focus - To tell your audience your story. 




We then evaluate your ORM campaign results and how your content is performing. Analyzing what works and what needs to be improved to maximize results. Repeating steps 1-4. 


All campaigns are accompanied by a 30-day money-back guarantee! If you are not satisfied with our service, you can cancel anytime, no strings attached. We are so thorough in our repair strategy because we know that reputation repair is more than just suppressing the negatives.


While burying negative search results is a part of reputation repair, this is a chance to build, establish and maintain an online presence that increases your earning potential, professional opportunities, and even personal connections.  

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