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One can find almost any information regarding a place, person, processes, and phenomena on-search engines in the digital era. 


What is


PeekYou is a person search site holding information and links to over 250 million people across Canada and the USA.'s existence is geared at connecting people who have lost touch across time. The platform gets about 6 million visitors on a monthly basis and is ranked among the top 500 sites in the US. develops a reputation score known as a "Peekscore" for users. According to PeekYou, a Peekscore is a number that ranges from 1-10 that represents your digital footprint. The score rises and shrinks depending on the amount and quality of the information the user has available about them on the web.



Where does get information?


PeekYou gets the information to index and link people to the questions that might run through your mind. Some of the information sources include public URLs, social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, news sources, blogs, and other platforms. 


 PeekYou opt-out


Note that PeekYou links to people are available for anyone who might be looking. The good thing is that privacy is available for you, and that is by opting out. The presence of your information online can threaten your privacy in several ways. It makes you vulnerable to cybercriminals, identity thieves, stalkers, and many other issues related to data. By opting out, you can protect your online privacy.


How to remove your information from PeekYou


Opting out of this platform is an uncomplicated process. With the following guide, you should be able to altogether opt-out of this website.


1) Search for your information on the website


The first step towards opting out is finding your name on the platform. Visit the website by clicking on You will be provided with a search bar, where you will enter your first name, last name, and the state or location. Once you enter this information, click on the magnifying glass to get the search results. search


2) Find your information in the search results


PeekYou will produce different results that are linked to the profile you have searched for. You will get the detailed information, including pictures and address. Look through this information to find your record, and ensure that you are thorough in the process. Mistakes at this point can lead to delays in your opt-out. 

Select your profile on


3) Select the opt-out link

Once you click on your record or profile, it will open a page. On the top right side of the page, you will see an opt-out link; click on it.

Pereless Sunglasses (5)


4) Fill the opt-out form


On clicking on the link, you will be prompted to an opt-out form. Only fill out the areas that have not been filled. That is, your first and last name, address, and email address. You will notice that the Unique ID box will come already filled. Under “Actions” on the same form, select “remove my entire listing.”


You will also be asked the reason for removal, choose for personal reputation. Then you can write under the message that you don’t want your personal information displayed online. 


Check the box for reCAPTCHA, then click on submit to complete the opt-out process. 

PeekYou opt out page


Your information will be removed, and your record will not be on the listing anymore. This is the process you should follow through for every listing you want to remove from PeekYou. 


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