SearchPeopleFree Opt Out & Removal Guide

Search People FREE allows you to search for such contact information in order to locate the person or persons associated with them. To find someone’s personal information, the information does not have to be necessarily current. Details such as contact information, current address, property records, known associates, date of birth, and relatives are all available on Search People FREE. A user can go further and make a small payment to get a complete background report on you if your information is available on the site. Users can also run a reverse phone number lookup to get your contact information. This is why it is a good idea for anyone to opt out of Search People FREE.


How to remove information from Search People FREE?


Search People FREE  has a reasonably straightforward opt-out process as follows.




1) The footer has the following tabs. ‘About’, ‘Privacy’, ‘Terms’, ‘Contact Us’, and ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Information.’ Click ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Information.’ This leads you to the opt-out page.

remove from searchpeoplefree

2) In the new window, enter your email address or a valid email address that you can access within 24 hours of the request. You will see the bar where you should enter the email address. The page will require you to solve the reCAPTCHA puzzle to prove that you are human. Click on ‘Begin removal process.’ below the reCAPTCHA when you have done all the above.
searchpeoplefree opt out page

3) The website will send an email validation link to the address you have provided prompting you immediately on the window.


search people free removal

4) Log in to the email address you provided. You will find the validation message sent from the website, and it will have a ‘Validate My Email’ button on it. Click on the button to validate the email address and your request. If you can't find the message in your inbox, look for it in the SPAM folder. Please note that the validation link is only valid for 24 hours since it is sent, and you will have to start the process over if you wait longer than that to click it.

search people free email confirmation

5) Clicking the ‘Validate My Email’ button takes you back to the website with a message that you have successfully validated the email. You will then have a 30-minute window in which you can remove your record, after which you will need to start the process all over again. There is a green ‘Start Search’ bar below the notice. Click it. Enter your name and state in the bars that appear and click ‘Search.’


6) A list of records with the same information as yours may appear if more than one is like yours. Select your record and click the green ‘Continue Removal’


7) In the next step, you will need to verify that the record you have selected is yours. There is another green bar labeled ‘Remove this Record’; click on it after verification to submit your request.


8) You will receive a notice that your application has been received. The message will also inform you that the webmaster will remove the information within 72 hours. The removal can take shorter than that, but try contacting Search People FREE if the information is still listed after 72 hours.


How to contact SearchPeopleFree



P.O. Box 17598

Baltimore, MD 21297



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