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How to remove items from LexisNexis

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LexisNexis was one of the first data brokers established. It pioneered electronic legal documents in the 1970s. The company's information has grown exponentially since then.


LexisNexis has become a favorite of professionals in government, law enforcement, and risk management due to its rich information and high-quality results. 


The LexisNexis police report is a powerful tool for research. This also makes it one of the most dangerous to online privacy.


LexisNexis is home to one of the largest electronic databases worldwide for legal and public records. LexisNexis' public records database contains more than 84 million public records from more than 10,000 different sources. These records include public, private, regulated, and emerging data as well as derived data.


LexisNexis, unlike many other search engines, is a premium service. According to the company's website, it sells 150 reports on customers.


These records include:


  • 283 Million active customer reports
  • 1.5 billion bankruptcy records are monitored monthly
  • Business contact records for 77 million
  • 330 million unique cell phone numbers
  • 11.3 billion unique address and name combinations
  • Motor vehicle registrations in excess of 6.6 billion
  • Personal property records for 6.5 billion


Although it is easy to submit a LexisNexis Opt-Out, this doesn't necessarily mean that the company will honor your request.


All requests for removal from restricted public records products need to be supported by documentation proving that there is a risk of physical harm, or that you have been the victim of identity theft.


It may not be difficult to prove this, considering that so many of us were part of the most recent data breaches.


However, the company policy states that to be approved for your removal request (which the company calls "information suppression" requests), you must satisfy one of the following criteria:


You have been a victim of identity theft


You must submit a copy or a verified copy of the police report if you have been the victim of identity theft. An Identity Theft Affidavit or a letter from your creditor company are examples.


A law enforcement officer or a public official who is at risk of serious bodily injury or death


You must send a letter to your supervisor if you are a public official or law enforcement officer stating that you are at risk of serious bodily injury or death.


While you are at risk for physical injury, you do not have to work in law enforcement.


If you are at high risk of harm, but you do not work in law enforcement, you will need to submit a copy of a court protective order or a copy of a police report.

opt out lexisnexis


How to submit your LexisNexis opt-out


If you meet one of these requirements, submit your LexisNexis opt-out request via


You can send or email supporting documents to:


  • LexisNexis Individual Information Requests
  • PO Box 933
  • Dayton, OH 45401
  • Email:


However, LexisNexis won't delete information from government databases used by law enforcement according to their privacy policies.


LexisNexis does not delete any information from databases that contain information regulated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, except as required by law. Third-party data is also available through real-time gateways, news, and legal documents.

LexisNexis is one of the most frustrating data brokers to opt out of. You must show that you are at risk, as a public officer, police officer, or victim of identity theft. LexisNexis is a giant database of personal information and is one of the most dangerous people search sites.


LexisNexis will then instruct their partner sites not to display your profile in their results as well. You are one step closer to online privacy. Once you have completed the LexisNexis opt-out process, there are 100+ websites that still collect and display your information on the internet. To opt-out of all data brokers and receive monthly monitoring and privacy reporting, NewReputation is ready to help.

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