Opt-Out of information.com - Everything You Need To Know

Information.com is a comprehensive resource of facts and details, providing users with detailed information about any topic they seek. This website has various resources to help people explore and understand the world around them, from articles, videos, and encyclopedias to research papers.


Want to manage and control what information.com shares about you? Here's a comprehensive guide on opting out of the website, finding out what personal data is collected, and completely delete your account from the platform.


What is Information.com?


Information.com is a one-stop shop for exploring facts and learning about any topic. It offers an extensive database of knowledge from experts and professionals worldwide, providing access to articles, encyclopedias, webcasts, research papers, videos, and interactive tools that aid in building understanding and making informed decisions.


How Big is the Dataset on Information.com?


Information.com has a massive dataset of over 20 million articles and tens of millions of words, which makes it one of the largest collections of organized data about various topics online. Users are able to access information related to history, culture, politics, science, math, art, and much more in this giant database. 


This enables users to search for information in a comprehensive and efficient manner and provides them with quick summaries to give them the ability to gather the facts they need quickly.


Information.com partners with checkpeople.com to obtain records. You can use this guide to opt out of checkpeople.com


How to Opt-Out of information.com


1. To opt out of information.com, you must go to the website’s ‘Remove My Info’ page https://information.com/remove-my-info/

how to remove information from information.com

2. Complete the form by entering your name and address to start the search.

information.com opt out page


3. Locate your records and select “Delete my record”

delete info from information.com

4. Enter your information to receive a verification email. 


5. Open your email and click the verification link in the email. 


You have successfully completed the information.com opt-out process. They will remove your information in 5-7 days. 


After Opting-Out: What Should You Do?


Now that you have opted out of information.com take further steps to protect your personal data from being shared, hacked, or misused. If you haven’t already, now is the time to assess the other websites and services you are using and ensure you are taking all necessary steps to protect your privacy. 


This may include assessing the policies of other companies who have access to your data and regularly changing passwords to secure accounts. Keeping up with this type of security will ensure your safety and help you protect yourself online.


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Information.com will then instruct their partner sites not to display your name in their results. You are one step closer to online privacy. Once you have completed the information.com removal process, 100+ websites still collect and display your information online. To opt out of all data brokers and receive monthly monitoring and privacy reporting, NewReputation is ready to help.

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