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What is CheckPeople? is a California-based data broker site that has been in operation for over 20 years. The site uses a proprietary algorithm to compile data from a wide array of online sources, including but not limited to databases, social media profiles, and public records. It then compiles all this data into a single report on the individual in question.


Therefore, members of the site can access the reports and carry out comprehensive background searches on other people by keying in their names.


How CheckPeople works


To initiate a search, you must enter someone else’s first and last name. Providing extra details such as the state or city in which they live might boost your chances of getting accurate results more so if their name is fairly common. Other than that, you can also do a reverse phone number search if you wish to discover who owns this number. 


This website could be valuable if you continually receive harassing calls or spam from a particular number. CheckPeople uses publicly available data sources to come up with reports. These include criminal records, non-criminal court cases, civil records, lawsuits, bankruptcy filings, sex offender status, and traffic reports.


What are the risks?


CheckPeople can be a valuable asset for its members. Once you initiate a search on the site, the returned report contains a lot of personal information. Such details include the person’s full legal name and aliases, sex offender status, criminal history, and social media profiles. You will also see their prior and current addresses, contact information, and the names of their cohabitants and relatives.


Although the site is helpful in certain scenarios, having your information there exposes you. You lose your online privacy and are at a higher risk of identity theft. Furthermore, you risk suffering a data breach, subsequently leading to financial loss. Lastly, a stalker could use the information on CheckPeople to cyberstalk you and, worse, harm you.


How to opt-out from


Considering all the risks mentioned above, opting out of will protect you from many cybersecurity threats. Following a step-by-step removal request will ensure that all your data is scraped off the site in just a matter of days. Here are the simple steps.



Navigate to and then navigate to the website’s do not sell my personal information page.


check people opt out


2) Search for your profile on the site

Enter all the required information on the online form provided. Be sure to complete the form by including your full legal name, state, and city. Once you confirm that you have the right information, click on the search icon.



3) Locate your profile

You are very likely to have a similar name to several people in your city or state. So, once the search results pop up, scroll through them until you find your profile, which you want to remove. 


4) Remove your record

The next thing you need to do is click on “remove record.” After that, re-enter your full name and your email address. You have to solve a captcha as well. Once solved, click on the “submit request” option.

check people opt out (2)


5) Confirm your removal

After you have submitted the request to remove your data from CheckPeople, you will receive a confirmation email. Click on “confirm privacy opt-out request” to complete the process.

check people opt out (1)


It takes a few days for the website to scrape your information from their site completely. Once they do, you are safe. You might want to check the website from time to time because someone will often re-upload your information. Being vigilant will ensure your safety and privacy.


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