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CheckPeople Opt-Out: Protecting Your Privacy in the Digital Age


Protect your privacy online. Remove your personal information from CheckPeople and other people's search sites.

Secure My Online Privacy Now!

In this guide, we'll show you how to safeguard your personal information by opting out and removing details from the data broker


How to opt out of CheckPeople


By opting out of, you can protect yourself from many cybersecurity threats, as mentioned above. You can ensure the removal of all your data within just a few days by following a step-by-step removal request. Here are the simple steps.


1. Visit the CheckPeople Opt-Out Page

Navigate to and then navigate to the website's Do not Sell My information page.

check people opt out


2. Search for your profile on the site.

Enter all the required information on the online form provided. Complete the form by including your full legal name, state, and city. Once you confirm the correct information, click the search icon.


3. Locate your profile

You will likely have a similar name to others in your city or state. So, once the search results pop up, scroll through them until you find the profile you want to remove. 


4. Remove your record

Next, you need to click on "Remove a record." After that, re-enter your full name and your email address. You have to solve a captcha as well. Once solved, click on the "submit request" option.

check people opt out (2)

5. Confirm your removal

After you have submitted the request to remove your data from CheckPeople, you will receive a confirmation email. Click on "confirm opt-out privacy request" to complete the process.

check people opt out

Support will remove your information from CheckPeople in 5-7 days.


Alternative Removal Methods 

To remove your information from CheckPeople via phone, follow up with their support team to confirm your request by emailing or calling 1-800-267-2122. They will locate your listing, and you can tell them that you want your information removed. You can call them any time.


CheckPeople: Frequently Asked Questions


What is CheckPeople?


CheckPeople is a background check company founded in Palo Alto, California, twenty years ago. The website uses various sources to scrape information and compile it into a single report.


How does CheckPeople work?


CheckPeople collects information from public records, databases, social media profiles, and other web content to create personal records on individuals. These records are available for a small monthly fee through a name search, reverse phone lookup, reverse address lookup, arrest records search, and a background check.


How accurate is CheckPeople?


CheckPeople reviews are mixed when it comes to accuracy. Some customers report accurate reports, while others claim that CheckPeople lists incorrect phone numbers or associates. On average, data brokers and people search companies provide 70-80% accurate data, depending on search algorithms.


How do I cancel a CheckPeople subscription?


CheckPeople subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the billing term. To cancel, call CheckPeople customer care at 1-800-267-2122.


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