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Legal records are created whenever a person is in the court system. This includes everything, from paperwork and evidence to court proceedings and dockets.


The problem will come years later after you have forgotten all about the court proceedings and dealt if necessary with the consequences. All that paperwork can still come back online when data brokers scrape public records.


When you apply for a job, the most common reason is a background check. The candidate review process now includes a background check as well as a Google search. A Google search of your name will be performed by anyone who wants to find out more information about you. What if the results are legal records on DocketBird or other sites?


People have been expelled from the job market or lost their jobs because they were named in court filings. This is regardless of whether they were convicted or if they were just a witness.


What is DocketBird?


DocketBird is a court records tool that lets you access case information from federal courts. It's a user-friendly and advanced application. This service is available to lawyers, law schools, libraries, and the general public. It allows you to access court documents, follow court cases, and it also allows you to search for them. Anyone can access it online to learn more about their legal history. It doesn't matter whether you were found innocent or sentenced to prison. If you perform a Google search on your name and find you have been listed on DocketBird, It can cause irreparable harm.


Legal action is an integral part of everyday life in any society with a legal system. In the past, it was easy to hide the fact that you were involved in legal proceedings. It is easy to find more information on the internet. To find out if your business has been involved in legal proceedings, you can Google it. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. Most people will assume you were involved in legal action if they read your search results.


Is DocketBird Legitimate? 


DocketBird has had several negative reviews about them receiving money in order to remove a court document. Consumers have claimed DocketBird will remove their information from Google searches for a $59.99 fee.


DocketBird: How do I remove content?


Never pay a ransom to Docketbird for removing your name, you can get your name off court records websites and protect yourself in the future from any other court publications. This is why personal reputation management is so important. If you pay the “removal fee” from DocketBird, you may find the same court case published on a new site a week later.


Follow these steps:

1) Do a Google search for your name. If you find a DocketBird result then open the website.

2) Docketbird offers an option to remove your listing. Click the removal option.

3) To quickly have Google remove the result, you can choose to either pay $59.99 to DocketBird or work with Google.

4) Once you have confirmation that your information was removed, go to

5) Select "New Request" on this page and enter the Docketbird URL where your case was located previously. 

6) Google will verify that the page is no longer available and remove it from their search results in 5 days. The page's status can be viewed at any time.


Congratulations! You have successfully completed the opt-out process.


You should always be actively managing your personal reputation to protect yourself in the future from any new court records being displayed on Google.


You can make a big difference in your life and your livelihood by removing public court records from the Internet. There are several steps you can take in order to remove your court records and personal records from search engines like Google. Contact NewReputation today to request information to remove unwanted search results.

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