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How to Opt-Out of

Protect your personal information on the internet. Remove your public profile from the top people search sites.

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In today's digital age, our personal information is more accessible than ever. Websites like aim to provide a comprehensive database of public records, but this can sometimes raise privacy concerns. If you want to regain control over your personal information, here's a step-by-step guide on opting out of

Understanding Unveiling True People Search, through its True People Search feature, offers an extensive collection of up-to-date data about individuals across the United States. From background checks and police records to government files and public records, compiles various information to create comprehensive profiles.

While the intention behind such websites might be to provide information, many individuals are concerned about their privacy. Fortunately, allows individuals to opt out and have their information removed from the platform. These steps can help you regain control over your data and protect your online privacy.

Step 1: Navigate to the Opt-Out Page

Getting started with the opt-out process is a breeze. Begin by visiting the opt-out page. To make things even easier, you can access the page directly by following this link: This page is where you'll initiate removing your information from

Step 2: Complete the Opt-Out Form

Once you're on the opt-out page, you'll find a straightforward form requiring some basic information. Here's what you need to provide:

  • Your Profile URL: This web address leads to your specific profile on
  • Your Full Name: To ensure accurate identification, provide your full legal name.
  • Your Email: Enter a valid email address where you can be reached.opt out of step 1

Step 3: Submit Your Opt-Out Request

With the form correctly filled out, the next step is simple. Just click the "Submit opt-out request" button. This action signals your intent to have your personal information removed from's database.

Step 4: Confirmation and Processing

After sending your opt-out request, you'll return to's homepage. Here's the good news: your request will be noticed. The team will swing into action to process your opt-out request within 5-8 business days. During this period, your information will be securely deleted from the platform, ensuring your privacy remains a top priority.

Step 5: Celebrate Your Privacy

Congratulations! You've successfully taken a substantial step toward reclaiming your online privacy. In the coming days, your information will be removed from, and you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you have regained more control over your digital presence.

Contacting Councilon Directly

If you have any questions or encounter issues during the opt-out process, you can contact directly. They provide a contact form on their website. Additionally, you can call their customer service line at 620-604-6051. Customer service representatives are available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm ET.

Frequently Asked Questions about Councilon

It's natural to have questions about the process and implications of opting out. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: How does profit from my information? 

A: generates revenue through advertising partnerships with paid people search websites, leveraging the traffic it attracts.

Q: How does access my data? 

A: Even after opting out from, your information may still be available on over 100 websites. For comprehensive protection, consider opting out from all data brokers and take advantage of monthly monitoring and privacy reporting services, such as those offered by NewReputation.

By opting out of, you're taking a stand for your online privacy. You assert your right to control sharing and accessing your personal information. Remember, you have the power to shape your digital identity, and every step you take toward safeguarding your privacy is a step toward a more secure online experience.

Taking Further Steps for Online Privacy

Even after successfully opting out of, it's essential to be aware that many other websites collect and display personal information. Consider services like NewReputation to ensure comprehensive online privacy protection.

NewReputation offers assistance in opting out of multiple data broker websites and provides monthly monitoring and privacy reporting to keep you informed about your online presence.

Secure My Online Privacy Now!

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