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AnyWho.com Opt Out and Removal Process

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AnyWho.com is a free service that allows you to search the White Pages by name, or, enter a phone number and find out who owns it using reverse phone lookup.
The platform contains both listings for individuals, also known as white pages, and businesses also referred to as yellow pages. Users are allowed to look for individual or business information using a business name or the person's name, phone numbers, and address. 


How is the information on anywho used?


The users can use the information to find family or a friend, to identify a caller through the anywho.com reverse lookup feature, and for business purposes. Sales teams have found the information on anywho.com useful in running their marketing campaigns.


Note that the platform is updated on a weekly basis, and the services are free of charge.


How does anywho.com get information?


Anywho gathers information in a pretty easy way. Note that you play a part in availing your information online through social media profiles and other online activities.


Note that people are in the business of buying and selling information, and it does not come as a shock that platforms like anywho have your information.


A big chunk of anywho.com white pages information is also sourced from public records and legal documents.


Why should you consider anywho.com opt-out?


While online directories make vital information readily available and help sales executives reach potential clients, having your info on this platform can have drawbacks.


Your personal information could be exposed to cybercriminals, especially now when cybersecurity concerns are on the rise.


Your privacy could also be impeded by constant contact with sales executives trying to sell one product or the other. Opting out of anywho is a sure way of protecting your online privacy and having peace of mind.




Anywho.com opt-out process


Here is the process that you need to follow for the successful removal of your information online.


Search your name

The first step will be to find your profile that you want to remove from the directory. You can do this by simply searching for your name or conducting a reverse lookup using your phone number.


This is done on the “Find a Person” and “Reverse Phone Lookup” feature on the platform. Visit http://www.anywho.com/whitepages


Select your name

If you share a name with several people, then your search results will consist of multiple contacts.


Scroll through the listings and click on a listing that has your name and information.


Once you have clicked on the listing that corresponds to your information, click on “Remove Listing.”


Fill the removal request form

After clicking on “Remove Listing,” there will be a removal request list for you to fill. Feed the right information, and your request will be processed within 4 hours of a business day.


Note that anywho updates the information on the platform on a regular basis. There is a chance that your information will be listed again.


Therefore, it is imperative to check if your information has been uploaded on the platform and remove it from time to time.



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