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Get Started is a data broker that provides contact information to help businesses leverage data to grow their business. 


PeopleSmart is an online prospecting tool that allows users to search for leads and business contacts by using a range of criteria. It is just as simple to use as any other search engine. The website allows users to select the attributes they want to reach and then receive a list with potential matches.


PeopleSmart aggregates data from multiple publicly available sources, which are continuously updated to support customers' prospecting efforts. PeopleSmart uses data confidence scoring to rank contact reports that users access.


Is PeopleSmart legit?


Customers have complained about charging their credit card without authorization, as well as difficulty to cancel service. 


You can search people by:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Company
  • Reverse Phone lookup opt-out process


An opt-out request for the is very simple. They use the Been Verified opt-out process. Follow this process and your information will no longer appear on the site:


  1. Head on to the opt-out page and search for your details. opt out
  2. After you have found your listing you can tap on the arrow that appears to the right. This is at the box where your listing appears.
    How to opt out
  3. Key in your email address where you will be sent the confirmation email. Make sure you perform the CAPTCHA.
  4. Wait for the confirmation email and at the bottom part of the mail click on ‘verify opt-out.’
  5. After clicking you will be sent back to the website. The last confirmation email will also be sent to confirm that you have opted out of the site.


Once you have completed the opt-out process, there are 100+ websites that still collect and display your information on the internet. To opt out of all data brokers and receive monthly monitoring and privacy reporting, NewReputation is ready to help.


Privacy Protection Plans

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Protect Against Identity Theft

The impact of a breach of your personal privacy should not be underestimated; identity theft can cost you or your business thousands of dollars and can take several months to resolve.

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