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Been Verified Opt-Out and Removal Process

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What is BeenVerified?


BeenVerified is one of the biggest data brokerages on the internet. So big is it that several other brokerages use it to source the data they sell. Thus, in many instances, even when you remove your data from other platforms, it may still be available on Removing your private information from BeenVerified first is a prudent approach to protect your online privacy, it will also be removed from PeopleLooker, which is owned by the same company.


Like other data broker firms, this platform makes your personal information to total strangers who search for it on their platform. If a person wants more of your details, they can pay BeenVerified and receive a detailed trove of your private information. The information may include your name and Social Security Number. Others have previous and current jobs or businesses, addresses, business associates, family members, etc. The more detailed the information is, the better it is for the people paying for it.


Is BeenVerified legal? 


BeenVerified is a legit company that is transparent about its data sources, and the services it offers, and it is not a fraud. BeenVerified reports may not be accurate and there are limitations to public data. This can lead to consumer dissatisfaction. BeenVerified claims that background checks can be done through privacy-friendly public records searches. However, BeenVerified, according to FCRA laws, is not a consumer report agency. Therefore, it cannot be used for tenant screening.


How do I remove myself from BeenVerified?


Naturally, you would like to control who gets this information, and thankfully, there are ways you can remove this information from Been Verified. The following are the steps you should take to remove your data.


  • Open the platform by typing ‘’ on your browser’s address bar and open. The platform’s home page will open. Scroll down to the bottom.
  • The bottom of the page has four columns of hyperlinks in this order; ‘About Us,’ BV Apps & Data,’ ‘Help,’ ‘Tools,’ and ‘Excellent Support & Service.’
  • Go to the third column, ‘Help.’ It has the following links under it. ‘Support,’ ‘Contact Us,’ ‘Dos & Don’ts,’ ‘FAQ,’ ‘Do Not Sell My Info,’ ‘Affiliates,’ ‘Glossary,’ and ‘Popular Topics.’
  • Click on ‘Do Not Sell My Info.’ opt out page

This will take you to another page with input bars and a drop-down list.

  • Enter your first name on the first input bar and the last name on the second bar, and select your state from the drop-down.
  • Click the search tab at the end.
  • The site will display a SERP with records with your first and last name on the window. Scroll down and select your record.
  • An input bar for your email address will appear when you click on your record. Enter your email address and solve the reCAPTCHA puzzle below it. Click the ‘Send Verification Email’ tab.
  • The system will send a verification email to the address you gave above. Log into your inbox, open the email and click the verification link on it.
  • You will receive a notification that the Opt-Out has been verified. Please note that your request to Opt-out is not complete until you have clicked the email link. It is also possible for your email provider to send this critical email to the spam folder; look for it there if you can't find it in your inbox.


Been Verified will remove your data within 72 hours of verifying your request. If you check and find your data is still there, contact the BeenVerified support staff. You should also ensure no other records of you on the platform.


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