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Peoplewhiz.Com Opt Out Steps

Protect your personal information on the internet. Remove your public profile from the top people search sites.

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Peoplewhiz is a data propriety platform boasting over 67 million records. It allows people to search public records in the fastest and most effective way.

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The platform has information such as:

  • Mugshots
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Social media photos
  • Criminal and court records
  • Salary information gets user information by partnering with the biggest data providers. With the increase in cybersecurity concerns removing your public platform from data brokers like Peoplewhiz will go a long way in protecting online privacy.


Here is how to perform the Peoplewhiz opt-out

Millions of people can access the site, and the presence of your data on the platform can impede your privacy. Opting out of Peoplewhiz will be in your best interest. The process is straightforward.

Visit the Peoplewhiz opt-out page

To get started, you have to be on the opt-out page. Click on to get the process started.

Provide information

You will see a search bar on this page, where you are required to fill in your information. The information needed is your first name and last name. Then you are to provide your address, that is the city and state you are in. Once you are done filling in the information, you are free to click search.

You will get results

As usual, on clicking search, you should expect several search results. There are probably ten other people with your name in your city. However, there is a way that you can distinguish your profile. The results have more information on the profiles. To find yours scroll through the page. Be careful not to pick the wrong profile as this will mean that your profile will stay longer on Peoplewhiz and expose your data for a longer time.

On identifying your profile, simply click on the ‘That’s me’ button that is on the specific profile.


Provide your email address

On clicking the ‘That’s me’ button, you will be prompted to provide your email address. Enter the right email address, then click next for the next state of Peoplewhiz opt-out.

Confirm your identity and verify your removal

Again, this is a critical step meant to ensure that an unauthorized person does not remove your profile. It also helps in ensuring that there are no errors in the process. You will get prompts for uploading an image of your ID. There is the option of sending a snail mail and faxing them a copy of your ID. It is still critical to ensure there is privacy even in this step. Blur out every other information apart from your picture and names.

Activate the removal request

A confirmation email will be sent to the email you provided. Click on the “Confirm opt-out’ link to activate the removal request.

The removal process usually takes a maximum of seven days to be completed. If it exceeds this, you are encouraged to follow up with Peoplewhiz directly. To ensure that there are no delays, which will mean more exposure to your information, ensure that the information you have provided is accurate.

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