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How to remove Mugshot

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ArrestFacts is a data broker that collects recent arrest reports and mugshots to publish them online. The mugshots are considered public information and are not regarded for removal under Google’s PII policy. If you are reading this then you are wondering how to remove an arrest record from Let’s discuss your options. 


Is legitimate?


ArrestFacts is not known for publishing inaccurate information. All arrest records have been collected from a local crime news website or a local police station. 


A booking photo or "mugshot," of a county jail inmate, is a public record under FOIA. The state law and the circumstances surrounding an arrest will determine whether the record can be made public. Arrest records are generally public records. Each state has the right to decide whether such records should be made available to the public. Even though states may consider arrest records public information, exceptions can be made.


Some states do not make arrest records easily accessible to the public because of perceived risks. Arrest records can be extremely prejudicial for the arrested. Arrest records might not show that charges have been dropped, that the arrestee has never been charged with a crime, or that the defendant was not charged.


How to remove a record from


To remove your records from ArrestFacts, you need to make a request with the administrator. 

1. Navigate to your ArrestFacts profile.
2. Select “Information Control”

What is ArrestFacts?

3. Fill in your information and confirm your email address.

ArrestFacts removal

4. Click on the confirmation link sent to your email address. 
5. You will receive notification that the request will be reviewed by an administrator.

Your profile should be removed from within 24hrs. The administrator will review your request and has the ultimate say over whether or not your profile will be removed. Most mugshot websites require you must have valid information from your court that the charges have been dismissed, expunged, or a not guilty verdict has been found. 


How long do mugshots stay on the internet?


If you don't take steps to remove them, unfortunately, mugshots can remain online forever. A mugshot can be deleted online even if your records are sealed or expunged. This is because a company must remove all traces of your arrest.

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