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How to Opt Out of

Protect your personal information on the internet. Remove your public profile from the top people search sites.

Secure My Online Privacy Now!

Data brokers like have made it their business to gather and distribute this information, often without our consent. If you're concerned about your privacy and want to regain control over your details, read on to discover how to opt out of and take proactive steps toward protecting your online presence.

Understanding A Privacy Concern is a prominent data broker specializing in aggregating individuals' personal contact information across the United States. With a simple search on their platform, anyone can access sensitive details such as names, addresses, and phone numbers. This can leave individuals vulnerable to unsolicited communication, identity theft, and other privacy-related issues.

Opting Out of

Taking control of your online privacy starts with opting out of data broker platforms like Follow these steps to remove your information from their database:

Step 1: Locate Your Listing

Visit the website ( and use their search function to locate your listing. This will help you identify the specific entry that contains your personal opt out steps 1

Step 2: Gather Details

Take note of the phone number and zip code associated with your listing. You'll need these details to initiate the opt-out process.

Step 3: Submit an Opt-Out Request

Scroll down to the bottom of the website and locate the "Contact" link ( Click on it to access the opt-out request form. 

Step 4: Enter Your Information

Fill in the opt-out request form, providing the phone number and zip code associated with your listing. This helps the platform identify and process your request accurately. opt out steps 2

Step 5: Request Removal

Once you've entered your details, click the "Request Removal" button. This signals your intent to have your information removed from their database.

Step 6: Confirmation and Patience

After submitting your opt-out request, you can expect your information to be removed from within approximately 24 hours. Remember that during this process, you might encounter a message confirming that your request has been recorded. You don't need to fill in any additional information beyond this point.

Frequently Asked Questions About

1. How Does Sell My Information? operates as a free people search website. It generates revenue through advertising partnerships with paid people search platforms. This business model enables the platform to provide services without charging users a direct fee.


2. How Does Obtain My Information? collects public information from several sources, including court records, mortgage information, and credit reports. 

Expanding Your Privacy Protection with NewReputation

While opting out of is a crucial step, it's essential to recognize that numerous other data broker websites might still have your information. These platforms can continue to compromise your privacy even after you've taken steps to remove your data from one site.

This is where NewReputation comes into play. NewReputation offers comprehensive reputation management and privacy protection services beyond individual data broker opt-outs. With NewReputation, you can:

  • Opt-Out from Multiple Platforms: NewReputation's services extend beyond They help you opt out of over 100 data broker websites, ensuring more thorough protection of your personal information.
  • Monthly Monitoring: Stay informed about the status of your online privacy with NewReputation's monthly monitoring reports. This ensures you remain aware of potential privacy breaches or unauthorized information sharing.
  • Privacy Reporting: Receive detailed privacy reports from NewReputation, outlining the actions taken to protect your data. This transparency empowers you to stay in control of your online presence.

Take Charge of Your Privacy Today

Opting out of is a significant stride towards safeguarding your personal information. However, for comprehensive and ongoing privacy protection, consider partnering with NewReputation. By doing so, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your online presence is under vigilant care, allowing you to make the most of the digital world without compromising your privacy.

Secure My Online Privacy Now!

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