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What is OkCaller?

If you are looking for a site to find details of over 800 million phone numbers and addresses then OkCaller is that site you want to head to. A single place where you can access such a large directory of phone numbers is extremely popular and has an extensive reach.


The best part about the services offered by is that you don’t even need to signup on the site to utilize the reverse phone number feature. By simply entering the phone number in the search bar of the site, you can see the results from its enormous database. 


What Makes OkCaller Unique?


There are hundreds of websites just like OkCaller. However, none of them even come close to the quality of service that has to offer. Using their SafeCaller analytics, they are able to Increase transparency by helping to identify calling parties with reliable, verifiable contact information. Other similar websites get their data from public information. These collect and aggregate data from what is already available to the public.  


The main difference between these competitors and OkCaller is the importance given to the authenticity of data. Most of these online directories simply ask you to opt out of the service or not.


OkCaller, on the other hand, does that and a whole lot more. Even though the information is already available in the database, OkCaller takes inputs from every user who searches for a particular number. This helps to validate and adds credibility to its database.


Whenever you search for a particular number on OkCaller, you are allowed to tag the number as safe or not safe. The safe caller category is chosen when the person on the other end of the call is a genuine person and not a spam telemarketer.


This SafeCaller service from OkCaller helps to get rid of a whole lot of spam calls that we constantly get. If you get a missed call from an unknown number, you can now head over to OkCaller to confirm that it is not just another telemarketer. With this information, you can choose to easily block or return a call to that particular number.


Apart from providing a large database of phone numbers and addresses, OkCaller also provides a cool feature where you can send an SMS directly from the platform.


While all these features that this platform has to offer are beneficial, the way this platform gets your mobile number without you providing it to them seems to be pretty sketchy. right? Let us now have a look at how OkCaller gets your phone number in the first place.


How did my Number end up on OkCaller?


We live in a digital world where a lot of information is available online. This is what platforms such as OkCaller make use of to bring data into their database. These systems aggregate information from numerous public sources and websites.


When your phone number is already available online, OkCaller just makes it more convenient for anyone who is searching for it. So, OkCaller is not using any shady tactics to get your information onto its servers.


While this is one of the ways in which OkCaller gets the bulk of its information, it also makes use of its large user base to expand as well as validate its existing data.


Whenever a new user registers on this platform, their phone number is added to OkCaller’s servers. This makes it accessible to the public. Additionally, a user can also submit information about a particular phone number if it doesn’t already exist in OkCaller’s database.


Dealing with such large data sources is no easy task. You might also think that the bulk of the data present in its servers might not be valid. However, OkCaller leverages its users to validate the phone numbers that are already present in its database. This adds to its credibility.


Features of OkCaller:


Apart from providing you with the details of the owner of the mobile number, you will also be able to find the address of the user on OkCaller. This website allows users to provide valuable information about a phone number, which in turn could be useful for someone else.


With the amazing feature of tagging phone numbers, you will be able to help others distinguish between spam and real calls. On top of all this, creates an address book of every number that you search on the website. So, if you ever want to check out one of your previous searches, OkCaller allows this particular function.


Even though OkCaller is not breaking any law by putting your phone number online, you might want to protect your online privacy. It’s nearly impossible for you to get rid of all the information present in numerous public records. However, people who want to search for your number would usually head over to


Luckily, OkCaller provides you the ability to opt out of its services by deleting your records from its servers. Let us now have a look at how you can opt out of OkCaller.


How to remove your information from

By following a few simple steps, you can avail OkCaller opt-out to unlist your phone number from their website.


1- First register on by providing your information. This would require you to provide your name, and email ID and set a password.


2- Now, you would have created an account search for your mobile number on the homepage of the website.


3- If details of your number do not appear then your information is not present on


4- If you see your details pop up, scroll down to the button that says, “This is my number”. Clicking on this button would provide you an option to unlist your number and opt out of OkCaller.


5- After confirming, your mobile number will be removed from OkCaller.


Bottom line:


SafeCaller analytics provider is a platform that prioritizes customer experience over everything else. By valuing every customer’s input on the platform, it has managed to come up with the most trusted information on more than 800 million users' digital footprint.


Additionally, it also respects the privacy of its users. If you want an OkCaller opt-out, then you can do it easily while continuing to use their services. This user-centric platform values users’ online privacy while also providing credible information.

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