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NumLookup Opt Out & Removal

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Are you concerned about people finding your phone number online? 


Information is spreading like wildfire. New reverse phone number lookups are popping up every week. It is easier than ever to find detailed information about anyone you want. 


If you are someone that cares about their privacy, then opting out of NumLookup should be on your to-do list.


In this article, we will discuss NumLookup’s free reverse phone lookup features and how to remove your information from their website. 


Let’s begin. 


What is NumLookup Free Reverse Phone Lookup?


The days of anonymous calling are over. If you are receiving calls from an unknown number, you can easily perform enter the number into NumLookup’s website and find some detailed information. 


A simple search provides information such as:


  • Owner's Full Name
  • Photos
  • Social Media
  • Address Information
  • Family Information
  • And more


You don’t even need a credit card to start searching. 


Why does this matter? 


If you are calling someone for the first time, do you really want them to have all your personal information? This can lead to you being exposed to a number of other online scams

How did your NumLookup get your information?


NumLookup uses API documentation from popular cellular providers to receive owner details collected from billing and sign-ups. According to their website, NumLookup has direct partnerships with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and all other mobile companies in the US. This enables them to provide the most accurate reverse phone lookup information for all US phone numbers.


How to Remove Information from NumLookup?


NumLookup has a straightforward opt-out process. This makes it easy to remove your details from their database. 

numlookup opt out

To complete the NumLookup opt-out process, you can complete the following steps. 


  1. Visit the NumLookup opt-out page
  2. Enter your name or phone number and select ‘remove my info’ 
  3. Select ‘Manually submit opt out' 
  4. Enter your information along with a reason for removal. 


NumLookup states that it can take up to 45 days for your records to be updated. You can follow up with their support at


Final Thoughts


Reverse phone lookups have many benefits. You can locate someone from your past or stop someone from being ‘catfished’ 


The service is completely free is also a benefit for anyone using the service. 


However, for anyone uncomfortable with having their name and address published on the internet and easily accessible, you should make opting out of NumLookup a top priority

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