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Don't Let Negative Search Results Affect Your Career

Our online reputation management services work for both individuals and businesses of any size and type. Manage your search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

The facts: 

  • 93% of employers are using the internet to screen candidates. 
  • Around 95% of customers read online reviews before buying a product or service. 
  • An estimated 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year. 

Negative search results come at a price. A rise or fall in revenue can be directly correlated to your public image.

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Negative search results affect your career


Most people know that your online reputation is important. However, they underestimate how much money they are losing when negative search results are the first impression people get when researching you. 


Nearly 50% of adults in the U.S. are not happy with their search results. 


65% of users trust what they encounter with Google search results.


What negative information can appear when you aren’t managing your search results? 


  • Data brokers display a person's name, address, phone number, or email address.
  • Credit information including bankruptcies.
  • Product reviews that slander your company
  • False and inaccurate negative news articles


The majority of people are researching employees and businesses before hiring them. 

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online reputation management services

We Fix Negative Search Results

NewReputation is your online reputation manager to improve your search results and reinforces your online image so you can stay focused on your career. Our team removes any negative search results that can be removed, replaces any irrelevant information with a positive and professional summary, and monitors your search results for any new mentions or updates.


By working with NewReputation, you save the time and money you would spend on hiring in-house, onboarding, and training. While increasing your sales by creating a positive brand image. This allows you to focus on high-priority tasks that generate revenue and increase growth.

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How it works


Search engines grab the most relevant information they can find. This includes any pages that are optimized for your name. Even if they are negative or irrelevant. 


Why does Google favor these negative results? 


  • They are published on trusted sources. (Established domains) 
  • They are optimized for your name.
  • You have no other information to display.


We focus our attention on removing any URLs or reviews that violate guidelines—simultaneously creating new search results on trusted sources to replace any negative search results, pushing them to much lower pages in search results.

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Our success is directly impacted by your success

Choosing the best reputation management company doesn't have to be a difficult choice. Our month-to-month contracts allow you to evaluate your ROI and our performance. Our organizational approach to each campaign will allow you to review your monthly reputation report, indicating your progression. 
New Reputation Management
We reviewed several companies in the reputation management industry. After we conducted our interviews it was apparent that NewReputation understood the goals that we expected to reach and did a better job at explaining how they planned to achieve their results.
The communication and collaboration between NewRputation and our team members. They kept us in the loop the entire time and properly explained everything they were doing and how it would benefit us.
What is Online Reputation Management?

We define online reputation management as the process of managing all areas of focus that define how people view your brand online. This is the first impression people get when they research your brand on the internet. 

The main areas of our focus are customer reviews, prominent websites, blogs, social media, and online privacy. Our team works diligently to promote positive results across all platforms of importance. This consistency will influence the sentiment towards your brand. Online reputation management services ensure that your customers find accurate and positive information about your brand.

What is the first step in the reputation management process?

We start by conducting a full audit of your current online presence. This will involve all digital assets that you own, how we can optimize those digital assets to rank more prominently, and assets that have not been discovered. 

We evaluate the competition of the search terms that matter most.

For example: "John Smith NY" will be more difficult to influence than "Elodie Strongblossom New York"

We then evaluate the sentiment towards your brand and research any negative search results. This will help us determine the difficulty level of removing the negative content from search results. 

This process is done before a quote is given. We will then send you a copy of your reputation report including a timeline, strategy for successful results, and a cost estimate.

How much do online reputation management services cost?

The cost of a professional reputation manager is influenced by a number of factors: 

  • The number of hours dedicated to your campaign.
  • The resources needed to produce successful long-term results.
  • The competition surrounding your search term
  • The current sentiment towards your brand

You can expect to see an ROI greater than the money you invest through an increase in career opportunities, improved client relationships, a lower staff turnover rate, and a stronger brand image. 

Let's say your average yearly customer spend is $500 for example. If your business is going to attract 10 new customers with increased visibility and positive sentiment in search results, that is over $400 each month back into your business.

How long does Online Reputation Management take?

You can expect to start seeing results in the first 30 days with long-term results coming in 6 months or more. Your reputation management strategy should be an ongoing process to stay ahead of the curve. You don't want to be in a position where one bad review is detrimental to your rating. 

If you need a more aggressive strategy initially to combat any negative search results, we recommend tapering down to a monitoring and protection package for the long term. 

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