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Highlight your employees' brand

Align employee values, their personal brand, with business goals.
  • Employee Brand Analysis
  • Clean Up Employee Search Results 
  • Position Each Employee As An Expert
  • Create A Strong Company Culture

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Employee Branding

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Are your employees hurting or helping your business?

Employee Brand Analysis determines the sentiment around your employee's online reputation. How they are helping or hurting your brand. Then we provide a strategy to position them as a leader in your industry. Helping your company create a positive employer brand.

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Supercharged Employee Brand

Our team of content creators will write compelling content that is relevant to your industry. Then promote the content on social media and high authority domains to reach a broader audience.

What are your employees saying about your business?

 86% of workers would not apply for or continue to work for, a company that has a bad reputation with former employees, or the general public.

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Reduce recruitment and hiring costs.

Employee branding process is how you market your company to job seekers, as well as your customers. The better you are at employee branding, the more likely you are to attract top talent and more customers.

Learn and grow with world-class support and a thriving community behind you.

You don't have to go it alone. Because we make you look awesome, professional and clean. We value our customers and make building an online reputation fun, affordable, and educational. Let's do this!


Personal Reputation Management


Positively change the sentiment around your business, customer service, and support. Your employees are the face of your business. They can be your biggest brand advocates if their personal values reflect your company values.



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How an employee branding service can help your business?

Align your:

  • Company Culture
  • Mission Statement
  • Values
  • Vision
  • Culture
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"I’ve tried using different online reputation services. The computer is not my strong side. There is excellent support behind NewReputation and people to walk you through it. If you have any questions, they’ll go over that and explain to you how to do that."

Louis D, Chicago

I'm glad I finally made the decision to promote myself online. I was always extremely shy and private and needed to improve my career. NewReputation made it so easy for me to look great online.

Susan T, Boston, Mass

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Your business is directly impacted by how your employees look online.

NewReputation provides employee branding services for businesses of all sizes. 
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