Digital Marketing Internship

In our modern world of fast-paced online living and shopping, digital marketing is a more valuable skill than ever. Digital marketing internships working from home have especially seen an uptick in popularity recently while people both have to work remotely, and entry-level marketing jobs have skyrocketed. 


NewReputation offers a variety of digital internships which translate seamlessly into entry-level marketing jobs through their company.


What Does a Digital Marketing Internship Entail?


Digital marketing internships teach people interested in more advanced digital marketing jobs the skills they need to effectively market their products online. They are often tasked with monitoring the number of clicks a company’s ads receive and may even play a part in designing and implementing marketing strategies produced by their company. The intention is to get accustomed to the work environment you will be entering into.


We always welcome skilled thinkers and planners among digital marketers, and most companies are always happy when undergraduate or graduate interns choose to take an internship program with them. 


The creativity and fresh ideas, as well as the fact that most come from a notoriously difficult audience to market effectively to, make most interns valuable assets to the marketing team they join.


However, digital marketing does not just have to apply to selling products. Public relations services and marketing often overlap where businesses are concerned. 


A digital marketing team may help a company or individual manage the search results that come up on Google searches or manage how easily negative reviews appear on review sites. In effect, companies like NewReputation help companies and individuals market and sell themselves.

Internships at NewReputation


Here at NewReputation, we toe the line between being a digital marketing platform and a public relations service. Interns here will need to foster both skill sets in order to better serve our clients. 


Interns will learn the ropes in marketing an individual’s past successes and diminishing their shortcomings; they will adapt to a client’s case and help them control the narrative around their public-facing life, and make them more difficult to locate on gossip sites.


For you, the marketing angle comes in when it comes time to build a personal brand for a client. Much like marketing a product, the internship program at NewReputation teaches you how to market and sell a person to their peers, bosses, agents, and the public at large as needed. 


As an intern, you will start by doing things like removing negative Yelp or Facebook reviews about a business or managing the tags attached to their name.


The goal is to control how the general public views a person or business. While not strictly a public relations firm, there is a lot of overlap in what we do. It is important that our clients feel heard and understood. Listen to them actively, ask questions, and do what they ask. 


At NewReputation, we pride ourselves on doing what our name suggests. We give people or companies new reputations and allow them to build up their positive image online.


Another related service NewReputation provides is removing negative images from both Google and social media. It may be the job of an intern or team of interns to monitor social media sites for images related to a client and take them down if they do not reflect favorably on your client. 


NewReputation is at its best when we are helping a client manage a public relations crisis in some capacity. You could be developing the skills to one day help a client pull themselves out of a scandal and do damage control across the broader internet. On the contrary, you will also help build their brand and reputation to be in the top rankings of the digital marketing world.


In addition, we pride ourselves on being the go-to for website design, expert SEO optimization, getting client sites in the top rankings of Google, and delivering consistent content publication to keep our clients in good standings on the web.



Digital marketing is an art form, in many cases. Digital marketing agency internships are in high demand for many companies, including NewReputation. 


NewReputation currently has digital marketing internships and entry-level marketing jobs available for the taking. You can learn the skills you will need to help a client manage any and all public relations that may arise under your care and your marketing team's care.


Whether you are marketing soap, chicken wings, or a client’s company, the general skill set and approach are the same. You want to maximize favorable searches and SEO related to your product or client. 


You also ideally want the minimum amount of negative search results on the first few pages of any web search a person does. These are the things you will learn as an intern with us at NewReputation, so reach out to us to start building your future.

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