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Spokeo Opt-Out and Removal Process

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What is Spokeo

Spokeo is a data broker known to outsource publicly available information from other people search sites online. Spokeo compiles data from a variety of online and offline sources to create a "report" of your personal information. 

  • Updates
  • Contact Info
  • Location History
  • Social Profiles
  • Relatives
  • Personal Details
  • Court Records
  • Historical Records

When a member locates your Spokeo profile, they are given the option to "unlock" your profile for a small purchase price. Instantly giving them access to your personal information.

Spokeo Removal Process

This is how you can opt-out of the site:

  1. Search for your details on the platform and then copy the URL that leads directly to your information.
  2. Navigate to Spokeo opt-out page and then paste the copied URL to the text box that appears.
  3. In the second text box, you should enter an email address. The email address is asked for so that you can receive a confirmation link from the same.
  4. After all, that is done, then click on the button ‘Remove this Listing.’

If your information is active on Spokeo.com it typically means it was scrapped from another people-search website across the web. 

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