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What is is a popular data broker that collects and stores people's data to enable its users to search for individual records. There is a lot of personal information available for free on the site. However, users can upgrade their accounts to access in-depth background information for thousands of other users. Some of the information available on the site include criminal checks, birth records, marriage records, addresses, and death records. Some of the premium features on the site include reverse address and phone lookups.

With all this personal information available to everyone, there is a high chance that you will be a victim of such issues as spam mail, online scams, doxing, phishing, robocalls, and burglary. The only way to keep safe is to remove all your information from such data brokers as


How to Opt-Out of


Private Eye allows both free and premium users to opt-out of the site free. Follow the steps below to complete the process.


Step 1: Read the Opt-Out information on the help page


Open the help page for information about deleting your account Scroll the FAQ to a question that asks, 'How do I remove myself from the PrivateEye database?' This question is located below the 'Privacy and Security' subsection. The FAQ section tells you how the website got hold of your data and what it is doing with it. It is a good read to help safeguard your data or learn about the site.


Step 2: Click 'Opt Out'


A clickable link with the words 'opt out' is located just below the question you clicked in the step above. Click on it to be taken to the opt-out page.


Step 3: Complete the Opt-Out Form


On clicking 'opt-out, the website will present you a form where it asks you to fill in your first and last name, state, and city. Then, solve a reCAPTCHA before clicking 'Opt Out' at the bottom of the page. This submits your request together with your details for action by the website.


Step 4: Wait for the Process to Complete


There is no information on how long would take to delete your data from the website. Therefore, you just have to sit back and wait for it to complete the process. This can take a few days, a week, or two. Just keep checking the site to know if the information has been removed.


Does Remove all Your Information?


On the FAQ page, claims that it may not be able to delete all the data. However, it will block the obvious information such as the address, phone numbers, and other critical data that make it easy for everyone to identify you.


Removing yourself from may not ultimately erase you from the internet. You need to look for other data brokers and delete whatever information they have collected about you.

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