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With online privacy becoming a major concern among internet users, opting out of Smart Background Checks and other data aggregates and people-search websites has become more important than ever. A study by Google Trends suggested that Google searches for Smart Background Checks opt-out techniques reached a record high in October 2020.

What are Smart Background Checks?

Smart Background Checks provides data aggregates and smart people-search that allows running a background check easily. The service aims to offer the most accurate and comprehensive search, and people can start the service by providing their name, phone number, or address. After filling in the correct information, will display it, including public records, location history, and aliases.

The database searches almost a billion public records from more than 2,000 data searches, all of which have already gone through Smart Background Checks. It is better to opt out of that service so that it does not display personal data.

Complaints on Smart Background Checks

Irrespective of’s suggestion that data is processed reasonably, Better Business Bureau complaints continue to show. Moreover, BBB has also reported a pattern of Smart Background Checks complaints.

A lot of complaints are in this manner:

  • The service lists personal information without the approval of customers.
  • Its opt-out function doesn’t work.
  • The removal requests of personal data are not processed.

While the service hasn’t responded to any of BBB’s concerns, consumers’ opt-out requests are being processed currently.

According to research by the Pew Research Center, Americans are concerned about their personal information more than ever. The majority of their data has become less secure in recent years. Because of this, people across the country are choosing to unsubscribe to Smart Background Checks.

But how would a person opt-out from Smart Background Checks?

A person can opt-out from Smart Background Checks by following the steps given below:

  • Step 1: You should visit Smart Background Checks’ official website.
  • Step 2: Go to the bottom of the page and click on “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.”
  • Step 3: Enter your email address, agree to the terms and conditions, and select the reCAPTCHA. Now, click on “Accept Terms & Start Removal.”
  • Step 4: Click on “Search Features” to initiate a search of Smart Background Checks so that you could easily find your personal information in the listing.
  • Step 5: You will be taken back to the homepage. Enter your first name, middle name, last name, and location, and initiate the “Search” process.
  • Step 6: Look for your personal information in the listing and click “Click For More Details.”
  • Step 7: Search for the address and click on the “Request My Record To Be Removed” button.
  • Step 8: Check the email address that you initially entered for a confirmation mail. Click on the link in your email inbox to verify the removal request.

The opt-out process will take up to 72 hours to get reviewed, and only then will it be removed from their official website. It is important to note that this process only removes your personal data from this website. However, it is highly likely to be accessible on several other data brokers as well.

The Bottom Line

More than ever, companies and individuals are taking their privacy seriously and turning to security experts to restore peace of mind.

Thankfully, opting out of data aggregators such as Smart Background Checks is now possible and is fast, free, and pretty straightforward.

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