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How to remove yourself from

Protect your personal information on the internet. Remove your mugshot and court records from the top data brokers.

Get Started is an arrest database that posts mugshots and court records from local municipalities. If you find your records have been posted on their website, they require several steps in order to opt-out. positions itself as a crime-fighting tool that provides the public with a valuable database of arrest record data. Nonetheless, their motives appear to be openly linked more with viral goals and ad revenue.


For example, the mugshot removal option in the removal process forces you to transfer confidential court documents. They request that you transfer sensitive data to them in order to prove your claim of innocence or vindication. How is this legal? The data brokers are cloaked under the freedom of information act.


Even after the arrested charges have been dropped or dismissed, your records will still remain on Don't fret, if you are proactive in removing your information, you will be successful. To expedite this service, you can hire NewReputation to manage your search results. Let's review your options.


What Are You Up Against? is the parent business of a variety of local sites that take, compile, and post public mugshots of people around the United States. The sites may be searched by state. However, only states with open record legislation are available. The mugshots accessible here are then suitable for inclusion in search engine results such as Google.


On the other side, sites like make harmful images easily available and prominent in search results. Even those who were never prosecuted, had the charges overturned, were pardoned, or served their term can face negative consequences as a result of an mugshot.


Removing Yourself From


We've included the opt-out instructions below, but there's a catch. To complete removal, supporting paperwork is necessary, and the deletion is at the discretion of So there's no assurance your information will be deleted from the site. Be sure to get everything captured in an email stream to utilize at a later date.


1) Visit

2) Search for your listing and click on your profile link.

3) Identify your information on the list and click on “Record Removal”.

4) Send an email to 

Then upload the necessary paperwork, and then click "Submit opt-out." There are a few potential grounds for removal choices, each needing particular documentation:





The arrests have been sealed or expunged

Copy of expungement notice

The charges were dropped/dismissed/adjudicated not guilty

Proof of identity and disposition

Remove data of birth and address

Identity proof


Documents to verify if: the person is deceased, current military, not a US citizen, or a law enforcement/government official. may take anything from 5 to 30 days to process the removal request. As previously stated, this does not ensure that they will delete the information. Even if you successfully remove yourself from the listing, we recommend contacting NewReputation about protecting your online privacy.


How Does The Website Really Work?


The only information provided on the website about removal from is on the CONTACT page, which simply directs any questions to Unfortunately, there isn't much to go on.


If you read the tiny print beneath's contact information, you'll notice a disclaimer saying that "the site's proprietors are not liable for incorrect information published."


They maintain that persons included on their website have not necessarily been convicted of any crimes. Sadly, this is where most misunderstandings arise, as individuals who see these mugshots instantly assume the worst.


The webmasters also refuse to accept responsibility for user submissions, despite the fact that having a mugshot online might damage an individual's entire performance. As a result of not posting the outcome, virtually everyone is forced to explain what occurred. For instance, when they seek a job, a loan, or even when they try to date online.


Understanding how promotes itself is the first step in learning how to remove from Many websites claim to be doing a public service by "informing the public." Always be wary of sending confidential court documents to an unknown website owner. Once you send it, they will have it forever. They can do with this information as they please.


To Remove Yourself From contact NewReputation. We will work with the website owners and Google and get your information taken down without having to send any documents. 


Mugshot removal options


Years of experience working with customers have allowed us to fine-tune our technique for dealing with unfavorable search results such as a mugshot. Although complete mugshot eradication is a pipe dream, reducing the negative impacts through personal branding is a reality.


Steps to prevent negative search results:


  1. Create a base of professional profiles on established websites.
  2. Delete any personal information on Google that can be removed.
  3. Create content and publish images to establish authority for your name.
  4. Constantly monitor changes in search results and stay consistent.


Using Tags to Search Mugshots Online


Mugshot website owners work to earn extra money by either advertising or extorting. removal


Unfortunately, it comes at the price of many innocent people who may not have the ability to get those monies. Nonetheless, anybody who views this website will notice that it is primarily meant for amusement purposes. They even have hashtag categories where people can tag offenders:



  • Beat Up
  • Celebrity
  • Handicap
  • Grills
  • Hair
  • Hunks
  • Hotties
  • Scary
  • Tatted-up
  • Transgender
  • Wino
  • WTF

The inability to readily filter mugshots based on the chgarges, status, time served, and so on but only sorted by the tags mentioned above shows that the aim is not to "enlighten residents" but to humiliate the subjects of these mugshots. Aside from this dubious method of classifying mugshots, the comments area is a wild west of viewpoints and typically offensive and obscene conduct.


Users can link to specific photos and leave comments, which are then displayed on the front page. The comments are usually derogatory, hurtful, and graphic. They even have hashtag categories where people can tag offenders.




Content removal is a temporary option while you develop your online reputation management plan. New Reputation can help you develop a plan to repair your online reputation. Use your own judgment if removal is a viable financial choice for you. If removal is not a possibility owing to budgetary restrictions, concentrate your efforts on developing optimized, well-branded properties under your control.


Consider the states that are available on as well. This network only includes data from states that have open records legislation in place. Instead of appealing for the public’s access to knowledge or utilizing the freedom of information act, assures that they can’t be prosecuted for a violation. (For Now)


To remove yourself from, contact NewReputation today.

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